Our safety commitment to you and your family

Recently we implemented a new policy to ensure the safety of infants and children in our shop. We often have casting calls for photoshoots and receive tons of tags or photos sent of our pieces on your adorable children.

With the tech world advancing at a fast rate, questionable things have been surfacing which put alarm bells on my mothering instincts. It's been known and shared widely that predators take children's photos for various different reasons. Many not being very safe. 

As a mother myself, hearing and knowing this is all too common now, has made me physically ill and I felt like I had to do something; not only for my children but the children I come across during my business interactions daily. In September 2022 I made the hardest business decision, yet easiest personal soul decision to not post pictures with children's identifiable features or in possible compromising positions. Full face shots will no longer be shared on the business page as well as our Instagram or Facebook stories. Any tags we receive with children's faces will be covered with emoji's or stickers when reposting. 

While we will never judge parents decisions on posting their children's pictures, we felt like this choice was a great first step in internet safety and we hope more parents and businesses consider this approach. 

Pro's on hiding identifiable features:

* Less likely to have pictures stolen and shared amongst unwelcome groups
* Less chances of identifying children (avoiding things like child trafficking, etc)
* Childs privacy is contained until they are of age to consent
* Businesses can still share products in more unique creative ways while also respecting parents and children's safety.  
* and many more

Child and internet safety is a high priority for us, and we're honoured to be one of the first businesses to make this policy. We thank you for reading this important update.

For more information on internet safety please visit: Canadian Centre for Child Protection