About Us

So what kind of business are we?
We're small. We're handmade. We're sentimental. We're memories. 

We make small batches of kids clothing and accessories using cute modern prints and beautiful fabrics. 

About us:

I am a mother to 4 beautiful children. 3 on earth and one in heaven. After the most recent birth of my living daughter, I was finally able to buy all the cutest girly things! 

While my daughter grew I wanted specific prints and clothes from other makers but they either didn't have it available or didn't understand what I wanted. I decided to brush up on my sewing skills again and make the pieces I wanted for my daughter. 

This quickly grew into making just stuff for my daughter to making extra pieces for friends and family and eventually running a full blown business!
How did you choose the business name?:
Holly and Rose are the birth flowers of my two daughters. I really wanted to incorporate the girls since this business was inspired by making all the girly things! It just seemed fitting to name my business after the girls. 
I hope you love all these one of a kind pieces I created for your little darlings!